Eden Valley Cottages

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Eden Valley Cottages:

What we do know though is that it's a very pleasant walk from Little Salkeld and all in all a nice day out.

The same Colonel Lacy who infamously tried to blow up the stones of Long Meg also created a tourist attraction of a different kind...Lacys caves. Carved into the red sandstone just above the River Eden ( opposite bank to Wetheral Cottages) the purpose of the caves have since vanished into folk lore.

One of our recent guests was asking how often we get snow up here. Well if he asked this last year I would have said once in a blue moon. However back in February we had a real snow storm, the world turned white.!
A charming church is just outside the hillside village of Glassonby. You will pass this way on the circular walk which takes in Long Meg, Lacy's Caves and of course Little Salkeld.

A little bit away from Great Salkeld but for anyone who has read Walter Scott's books then a visit to Gilsland and the Kissing Stone is a must.These days it is set away under some trees in a lonely spot by the river. But still worth visiting.

When the warm summer months are with us then the river runs slow and quiet. The water level drops to expose the pavements of red penrith sandstone and some of the walks are just so pleasant you can while away a whole day with a picnic by the river.

Living in the Eden Valley we are used to the way that the river can change from placid and quiet to what is frankly a terrifying torrent of water.
For just a few weeks the whole of Eden turns into shades of bronze,umber and burnt orange...beautiful.

Sometimes when the rivers are low and slow you get beautiful reflections in the water. When the warm days start to fade, the tourists leave ...it is now that the trees start to change colour in anticipation of the wet winter ahead.

These days Eden seems very quiet. Basically a rural landscape with some dairy and sheep farming and of course the tourists in the summer. But it wasnt always like this. Sometimes when we are out on our walks we come across reminders of old lime kilns up by Tindale Tarn.

The traditional image of the Eden Valley shows the rich red Penrith Sandstone. The brick work of the houses, and the pavements exposed when the water levels drop in the summer. But its not the only bedrock. Go up stream towards Appleby and you will come to limestone country. Asby Scar shows limestone pavements.

The viaduct over the river Eden connecting Great Corby with Wetherall is a very well known monument here at Wetherall. The train line links Carlisle with Newcastle and was one of the very earliest in the UK.

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